Logical Computer Solutions  



Network Managed Services

In today’s business environment, your computer systems are required and all downtime costs you money. We provide proactive management and continuous monitoring of your systems to catch problems before they cause outages and loss of productivity. For a small monthly fee we can provide:

Server Management:
   - Verifying and applying all necessary patches
   - Monitoring performance parameters such as CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and I/O utilization
   - Monitoring anti-virus/anti-spam update compliance
   - Monitoring daily data backup success
   - Monitoring of email systems to determine if operating properly
   - Monitoring of environment to detect overheating or high humidity conditions

Switch Management:
   - Outages
   - Network congestion/errors
   - Unauthorized connections/security

Circuit Management:
   - Outages
   - Bandwidth utilization
   - Unauthorized programs loaded

Workstation Management:
   - Outages
   - Virus/spyware