Logical Computer Solutions  



Hardware/Software Sales & Service

We provide reliable, quality equipment backed by a team of professionals for installation and service.

     - Core and Edge Switches and Routers
     - Servers and Storage Area Networks
     - Wireless Routers and Access Points
     - Automated Backup Systems
     - Security Appliances and Firewalls
     - Email Archive Systems
     - Power Protection and Un-interruptible Power Systems
     - Anti-virus, Backup, Applications

Software Support
Our staff can assist with installation and support of most software applications including:

     - VMWare Operating Systems
     - Microsoft Operating Systems, Office Software and SQL
     - Javelan/Timeslips/Accounting Businessworks/Quickbooks
     - Worldox Document Management
     - Diskkeeper Products
     - Symantec, Etrust, AVG, McAfee Anti-virus and Anti-spyware
     - CA Brightstore/Symantec/Acronis Backup Solutions